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About Me...

About Me...

Connecting You with YourSelf, (CYWY), weaves together Science, Spirituality and Metaphysics.  

Every offering illuminates the importance of a loving relationship with Self.  

"The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with your Self.  All other relationships will be reflected by it.  Until you have a successful relationship with yourself, you can't actually have a healthy relationship with anyone else."

All the events offered encourage you to balance intuition and logic.  To consciously practice aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions with your highest expression.

You are invited to explore a Circle, class, workshop, discussion,  meditation, mini-retreat, or special event.  

All events are managed thru a Meetup site.  The link to join is  https://www.meetup.com/Connecting-you-with-yourSelf/ 

Most offerings are supported by donation, some have a fee.  

Occassionally I host special presenters and or events.  If you are interested in being a presenter, please reach out. 

Many of the events are hosted in my home in East Morrison, Colorado, where I live with my wonderful husband, Paul. 

I will travel to your location, for group workshops and offerings.  Reach out and we can discuss your needs. 

One-on-one teaching sessions and intuitive energetic sessions are available by contacting me via this site, or directly by phone or email.  

303-525-7091 Nancymarkow@gmail.com


About Me...

About Me...

About Me...

I have an intentionally diverse 20+ years of studies and applications that support a personal and creative approach. 


I created the Empowered Living workbook (available for purchase) to support you in aligning with well-being, compassion, and the tools needed to live with a joyful purpose.  

It is an interactive self-guided experience that uses Enneagram wisdom and more.  

Below are some of my affiliations...

Professional Member of the International Enneagram Association


Board Member of Colorado Chapter of International Enneagram Association


2002 Graduate of Inner Insight Institute


1995 - 2005 Student Inner Connection Institute  

1996 Personal Trainer Certification 


2013 Yoga Teacher Certification 


Event Facilitator since 2006 


2016 to Present ongoing Shift Network Courses  on Enneagram

Narrative Tradition Enneagram Training

Student of Life and more…


Empowered Living Workbook

Intentional Living Circles and Enneagram Discussions

Intentional Living Circles and Enneagram Discussions

"I am excited to journey through the workbook. I appreciate your approach that empowers the reader to explore and examine other resources, and find those that resonate to help the reader connect “one with one’s self.” You acknowledge other authors and offer the reader many avenues to investigate. Your concise history, evolvement, of the enneagram was more thorough than I have seen.

You encourage the reader to look at many authors’ perspectives."

David Gray - 2.2020

"Your passion for this work clearly shines through your positive energy, which is contagious! I read your book (Empowered Living) on my flight home and it’s exactly what I was looking for as an intermediate level student. You covered a lot of ground and did so precisely with a combination of heart, body, and mind! I am so impressed by your book and grateful that you offered a copy to me. Where can I order additional copies for my friends and family?"   Jason, Carrboro, NC  

 “I think the very best part of your workbook is the Choices Map and how we can use the Enneagram to catch ourselves in the act, become aware of our pattern by using the 4-Friends and then make a conscious choice of how we want to behave. It’s a brilliant use of the Enneagram, and you have such an original way of expressing how it works. You are freeing us from believing we are just our type, and you show how we can use the Enneagram to evolve and grow. Which is what the Enneagram is all about.”   Beth Kuper, Lafayette, CO 

Intentional Living Circles and Enneagram Discussions

Intentional Living Circles and Enneagram Discussions

Intentional Living Circles and Enneagram Discussions

"I'm really enjoying Tuesday evenings, so refreshing and enlightening. You are amazing and incredibly talented and helpful:) our paths were meant to cross and I'm grateful for that!" - Sophia - Intentional Living Circles

 "I hope to make it to more of your meetups. They are always over-the-top terrific. Thanks so much for all the effort you put into your "bursting at the seams" offerings. " - Debbie - Enneagram Discussions 

"You are such a generous soul who opens the amazing venue that you have created in order to help so many lost souls seeking community on the sacred ground that only ever intended for us to love each other! Beautiful! - Tami - Intentional Living Circle 3/2020

Thank You!“Always good to be there. I end up feeling better every time I leave.“ - Kalin - Intentional Living Circle 2/2020 

"I just wanted to say thank you for hosting last night. I feel so inspired!" - Bob - Intentional Living Circle 2/2020

 "Thank you for consistently holding the space for us to change and grow and learn about ourselves. You are a shining light." Cheryl - Enneagram Discussion Attendee 9/2019 

"WOW! So grateful for the incredible, intriguing and rich discussion! I learn more every time I attend an event hosted by Nancy! - Tami - Enneagram Discussions Workshop on the 9 Levels of Development 

"During my final weeks of school, I was also going through rounds of interviews for a job that I cared to obtain very much. I am also so pleased to let you know that I was offered the position, out of half a dozen perspectives! I have to thank your positive energy in this matter, as I believe that your Connecting You With Yourself group contributed to my taking action, having confidence in myself, and following offered advice from others, which led to my current employment." - Kimberly  - Enneagram Discussions and Intentional Living Circles

Yoga and One-On-One Sessions

Intentional Living Circles and Enneagram Discussions

Yoga and One-On-One Sessions

"Thank you for the yoga class last night. It was just what I needed.  You are an amazing instructor - your voice is soothing and your words match the flow of the movement. It put me in good places."  Morgan - Zoom Yoga with Nancy Markow 

Ennea-App feedback is  [💯]  Sarah said “Nancy Jane was fantastic!,” and Craig said “Nancy Markow, she was really great and insightful. I wish I could’ve heard her speak longer” 

"Thanks again for your wonderful perspective. I felt lighter and less judgmental about my ‘stuff’ after our chat so THANKYOU!!  I mean it. Your ‘take’ on things helps me see it all differently. I'm back to total self-care today. Yay" ~ Phone session - 6.2018 

 "Your right that your not a doctor, your 10 times better than a doctor (therapist or coach)," John - private session client 3.2018 

"The enneagram ROCKS. It is sooo invaluable to me and I totally believe in it as a healing tool."   Private consultations - Michelle Monet, author, singer, artist  http://michellemonet.com/ 

"The session today was so enlightening for me, I am excited to see what else becomes clear as I continue to process." Private Session Client Laura 1.2018 

Enneagram Workshops

Meditation - Mini-Retreat

Yoga and One-On-One Sessions

"I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop at Peace Cellar! I had dreams about the Enneagram, which was pretty wild. I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me, and I’m so excited to learn more about the Enneagram, both for myself and for utilizing it with clients!" - Sarah Henry, Coach -  Hostess of the Positive Mindset Challenge https://pages.convertkit.com/2cba4fa2fb/efb5c41c46 

 "Am very much appreciating your knowledge, time and interest in the subject (Enneagram).  I think I did see more positives in myself after our time together!  Looking forward to working with you more." ~ Charlotte, 7.2018 Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course participant 

 "Brilliant and astonishing are two words that come to mind after experiencing Nancy Markow’s tremendous Empowered Living with the Enneagram course.  Nancy is not only a loving and gifted teacher, she facilitates a profound experience for embodying the core Enneagram teachings. Her course provided me with new insights, tools and awareness for life-long transformation. I will be sending all my clients and friends to Nancy for her classes, workshops and Meetup’s in confidence that they will experience a master teacher. I left her course with deep appreciation for the energetic shift in my life and consciousness. Ask Nancy about her Choices Map for conscious integration…and then drop into a journey you will never be the same after, by allowing Nancy to provide a seminal experience and inspired teaching of the Enneagram.
Tracy O’Shaughnessy, The Energy Academy, Organizer of the largest LOA Meetup in Denver, Colorado
Phone: 303-525-2811, TracyInjoy@gmail.com - Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course 5-2018 

Empowering Yoga

Meditation - Mini-Retreat

Meditation - Mini-Retreat

"I just attended my first yoga class with you as the instructor.  I have practiced with Leslie, Terry, Micheal and Renee at Club USA. All are great instructors, and all bring their own special gifts to the class.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed your class; the pace, the poses and your commentary on the what and how of what we were doing. Best ever! Thank you!”  Vickie Autobee 8/12/15 

Meditation - Mini-Retreat

Meditation - Mini-Retreat

Meditation - Mini-Retreat

"Best $45 I’ve ever spent. Hour of yoga, two guided meditations, reiki and sound healing and the company of good women. Now that’s what I call a retreat."  Noelle - participant in the Monthly Experiential Meditations (Mini-Retreat) 

 "I so loved the crystal bowls.  I had never seen or heard and they were even more magical than the metal bowls.  It felt as if they were stirring the energy throughout my body (in addition to the floor vibration J).  It was so relaxing and lovely." - Sarah - Experiential Meditation Participant 8.2018 

"Post meditation I've felt very calm, and at peace. My morning and night meditations have physically helped walk through the day and sleep through the night. I look forward to coming again, getting more involved, and enriching my yoga and meditation practices."  Dre- Experiential Meditation Participant 8.2018 

More Testimonials...

"Thank you so much for your posts, seriously, they inspire and challenge me, in a way that does not push me away to go numb myself or go distract myself with another thing on my to-do list. You really are serving the community, Namaste sister."  -Mercedes - Enneagram FB Group participant 

"​I am now doing muscle testing with ease when I was struggling before and having so much fun" Noelle - The Art of Divining Workshop participant 

 "I just wanted to say that I am totally impressed by you.  Your gentleness and your voice when you speak, your knowledge and the size of your following are amazing.  When you speak to everyone you come across as being friends with everyone. You are genuine and that is rare."  Ed, Living Intentionally, Enneagram and Yoga participant  

"Every time I think I have it somewhat figured out, something new comes up and blows my mind again haha" - Crystal - Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course 4-2018

"Just amazing how this work resonates with me."  - Noelle - Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course 4-2018

"I really enjoyed Sunday's meditative workshop.  I loved your meditations as they were so heartfelt and meaningful for me.  I like the new way you have structured the class.  i.e. ...we all sit on chairs in a circle to share in the beginning and then again at the end.  And also like the Yoga meditative poses.  I felt really good after the class and slept well that night. - Chris Miller  - Experiential Mediations 2017-2018 

"Very powerful and healing for me personally. I’ll definitely be there next time around."  - Carol W. -  Experiential Meditations 4-2018

 "While participating in this combination Yoga/ Meditation class (Experiential Meditations Workshop) under Nancy's tutelage, I had a huge emotional/ spiritual breakthrough. It has helped me personally and professionally, and I recommend it to anyone seeking to improve any aspect of his/ her life." 3.2018 - David, Sanctuary Suite in the City  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/19435120 

 "I enjoyed the class (The Art of Divining) so much! I think it helped to measure me that I am on to the right track bringing all the things I have learned in my past experiences together.  The class fee was reasonable and being in a small group made it so much more intimate and comfortable.  Thank you.  I will continue to use the dowsing and connecting with Spirit."  The Art of Divining Workshop student Leslie 3.2018  


"I feel myself diving in--and I love to learn, so I am on it. Send as much as you want. I am so grateful for anything you offer. I already created a folder for all things Enneagram!  I am also in a personal space of using this year to begin a new level of my healing process. I feel amazed that I started here, with you, with the Enneagram. I see how this knowing and learning is already helping me. I have responded differently on many occasions and my husband has made adjustments to how asks me to look at other ideas, opinions, etc."  - Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course Student - Alpha Gunn (Therapist)

 "Was amazing, Thank you!"  January 2018 Experiential Meditation - Dawnde Bodine

"Totally recommend!!!! I joined the meeting last month, in such a short amount of time I feel like I grew and acknowledged so much!!! Daily I still see and think about specific things gained from the beautifully guided meditations. My life is still in transition, however, with the visions I created I feel so much more confident and have already pushed forward with certain aspects in life. The inclusion of Reikiwas spectacular!!! Thank both of you ladies so much!!!! It was great to share your space and the energies of the other participants!" - December 2017 Experiential Meditation Participant - Isabell Pacheco

"The BEST thing I did for myself in 2017. Enneagram will always be a part of my life. It has helped me define & align with who I am. Thank you, Nancy!!" - Sue-Z Shortino, Artist

"Your advice resonated soooo much with me and it was sooo damn empowering!  I stopped going into Enneagram groups often because the number 4 bashing seemed the THING.  I SO APPRECIATE You seeing the GOOOD, GReAT, AWESOME MAGNIFICENCE of it all." - Michelle Monet - author, singer, artist 

Thanks for reminding me of that. I mean it. Its life changing for me. "Class was Super! I continue to practice with great appreciation of your knowledge, preparation, and hospitality." Kathy -  Choices Map Workshop participant 2017

"I'm still enjoying working with my energy. That grounding cord still impresses me. And I notice that if I disconnect from good friends after we get together it is easier to hug and say goodbye. I never realized that I was holding onto their energy and how disruptive that felt. Thanks!"   Margo - Understanding your Energy Body participant 2017

"I'm just SO grateful for your yoga and meditation classes. If you ever broadcast them online for subscribers, let me know and I'll sign up in a heartbeat!"  Prisca - Yoga, Enneagram, and Meditation participant 2017

"Nancy and Melissa create a safe place to relax, let go and grow.  I feel like all my stress is gone, obstacles moved out of the way and I'm ready for great things to happen!"  Catherine - Experiential Mediatiations Workshop - September 2017

"A divine experience. Thank you so much, Judi" - Experiential Meditations Workshop - September 2017

"Your course was very enjoyable and so well planned!  Thank you so much for all of your wisdom and guidance!" Melissa Gray - Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course student, August 2017

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Enneagram class! I really enjoyed learning more about myself and the people around me. You did a wonderful job and I so appreciate your time, energy and knowledge you shared with us. You are a wonderful teacher and offering so much to others. You are a beautiful light :)" Corina Winn - Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course student, August 2017

"The Intenders Circle was life-changing, enlightening, and empowering for me. It was what I needed at that time. I try to put into practice what I have learned every day."  Marcia Baker, SW Intenders participant

"So wonderful to meet you yesterday. I really enjoyed the experiential meditation workshop and have already incorporated some of the exercises and mudras in my morning meditation :)"  Cornia Angela Winn - www.365-divineguidance.com - June 2017 Experiential Meditations

"Nancy's class is a deep dive into the waters of meditation, with a gentle float up to the top - feeling refreshed and invigorated." Judi - June 2017 Experiential Mediations 

"Hi Nancy here is another review here is another review.  I'm seeing the energetic imprint continue to increase and build on itself each time.....As a 7-timer (with #8 already RSVP'd), I have found the Experimental Meditations to be incredible and powerful; with each one building upon the next - doubling and tripling.  After the first experience, it took weeks to feel the difference but after the 6th it took only days to notice the supportive positive shifting.  It was like the changes arrived out of the blue.  After the 7th experience, I felt strong Chakra balancing and transformational energies.  I am so curious as to what will come forth next."   Diane Floerchinger/Denver/June 2017

"This experiential event (Experiential Meditations) creates an energetic imprint that stays with me. I leave the studio feeling happy and peaceful, yet it is in the weeks that follow that I see the type of incredible positive change I’ve come to expect. This time, it was only 5 days before I saw my expressed desire for a “jump start” begin to unfold from every direction in my life! I’ve already enrolled for the next one."  Diane Floerchinger/Denver/April 2017

"I scheduled an Enneagram Couples Session with Nancy for me and my husband. Nancy really took the time to be sure my husband had clarity about his Enneagram Type and what this meant for him since he was less familiar with the Enneagram than me. During the session, Nancy shared the common values of our two Types and the details about operating in the *best* behaviors of our Types but also how we shift into *low* behaviors when under stress. Nancy graciously outlined a large-picture dynamic of conflict that was familiar to me and my husband in a point of view from which we had never looked. Once we could identify each other'striggers, we had something to watch for so that we don't enter the conflict pattern. Nancy explained to my husband that some of his (well-intentioned) behaviors can be perceived as confrontational to me.  I hadn't recognized this myself, but it created an aha moment as to why I shut down at times. Since our Couples Session, my husband has had a much higher awareness of behaviors that he chooses that push me into *low* responses. Our session ended a pattern of conflict that felt so awful for a long time."  Jen Hunt, artist, president of Icing Studios  303.204.2866 

"We are so excited for this class (Empowered Living with the Enneagram) starting 2/24/17. I'm so blessed for the meditation (Experiential Meditations) today thank you⭐️ [🌟] [💫]" Emelie Brotherton and Angela York, Experiential Meditations, Intenders, and Enneagram Course participants 

"After the restorative yoga session (Experiential Meditations) I feel an improvement in my muscles and flexibility, I want more!  I wanted to tell you, you are an awesome Teacher/Facilitator. Yesterday (1/15/17) was wonderful."  A. Daphne  Barry, Experiential Meditations, and Intenders participant

"Can you imagine? I would have gone on trying to fit into being a five if I hadn't gotten into your class.  
What a difference identifying my real type will make for me as I move forward." Martha Powers Lepinski, Empowered Living with the Enneagram Student 

G. H., set forth an intention of clarity before attending a shorter version of the Experiential Meditations.  He sent this message to me after the event.  "Thanks. When I left I thought to myself I didn't really notice any change. But as I drove home. A problem that I have been dealing with. I realized a whole other angle that I hadn't considered before. So "clarity" came through after all." 

"Thanks, Nancy (and Melissa for assisting). It was a wonderfully nurturing experience!"  Pat Serafin, Experiential Meditations - repeat participant

"Thanks Nancy for a wonderful session.  I gained so much insight into who I am today because of who I was before and how I was parented by two loving parents who didn’t know how to be with me as a Preacher’s Kid 8.  I look forward to listening to the 5 information and gain more insights." Sue Shiff (Empowered Living with the Enneagram support session)

"You are a wonderful teacher and your work is so applicable immediately in life."  Kelly Graham

"Nancy - thank you for the wonderful class. Your knowledge and passion for the Enneagram allowed me to be honest and gentle with myself. Your class allowed me to understand that I have options in my relationships with my husband and family instead of repeating old harmful patterns. Thank you for helping me continue on my path with a purpose and tools that allow me to make healthy choices that increase the joy and happiness we all seek in life."  - Margo - Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course student 

"I liked it. It was well written and the homework parts informative. 5 was the only number to come up for me. Good to know the things I have been working on are in the right direction. I really enjoyed it." 

Empowered Living with The Enneagram Course workbook "independent" student - Pat

"Hi, Nancy - You sent me a link to a YouTube video, " How to practice the Law of Attraction"Mike Dooley. It was actually one of the things that changed my life back then. I remember you telling me to not just want to be a nurse again, but to see what that meant for my life, what did I really want my life to be, not just my career. Lastly, I started to live in gratitude. I woke every morning and thanked God for 5 things in my life. It became much easier to be grateful as time went on. You were so instrumental in helping me get through one of the worse periods in my life. I just want to Thank you so much [😘]"  Intenders Circle participant - Wendy - RN

"I am now having dreams that seem to be intuitive dreams, haven't had them in so many years"!

Cindi Holt Reid -  Experiential Meditation participant

"Just finished our final lesson on Empowered Living with the Enneagram with Nancy Markow.... Wow. What an amazing experience that was... Learning about our personality types and why we react to life the way we do was honestly fascinating! It's crazy how things seem to happen in my life at exactly the time that I need them the most. What a beautiful mess my journey in life is... And I finally feel like I can make sense of it all. Thanks ladies for being so crucial in my journey. Nothin but love for you!" - Dez 

"I like the updates on Enneagram that I'm learning from you."
Charly Ellis - Enneagram Discussions participant 

"Nancy Markow has an absolute passion for helping others understand and use self-discovery methods to create positive change. Forming those methods into a virtual “toolbox;” I’ve been able to navigate, and eventually calm, the complex onslaught of life issues I’ve encountered on my soul journey. Through her fun Enneagram Class, I learned how to call out my excuses of blame, victimization, and defense (imagine BVD’s binding up to your neck!) and choose a grounding direction instead. Experiential Meditation proved to be such a profound catalyst for continuing metamorphosis that I will be attending numerous times. I believe her heart-centered classes, workshops, and Meetups, will help anyone transform their life if they are ready to do the personal “work” to integrate the lessons. Nancy’s work merits 10 stars. I'll have to settle for 5 stars."  Diane Floerchinger shared on Yelp

"This event (Experiential Meditations) proved to be such a profound catalyst for positive change that I am about to attend a 2nd time. Although I didn't feel much immediately, little did I know how deep the questions and postures would travel into my subconscious over the following month. Almost imperceptibly, a gentle breeze began to blow FEELINGS of rejection into my life; changing to a strong wind that even worked its way into my dreams. As I remembered, viewed, and felt all the rejection I’d stuffed down from childhood on, including rejecting myself, I realized that major theme was my past and no longer represented who I am. It was surfacing to be transformed.  (You just have to hear the event questions to understand where THAT comes from!) A new theme is unfolding in its place; acceptance and appreciation have begun to blow in from all corners of my world, leaving me excited and curious about what is next!    
Diane Floerchinger    4/13/2016

"You did a wonderful job at the presentation (Yoga-Enneagram-Chakra Meditation), I found you very easy to follow, and your presence was very warm and inviting to everyone. Nice!"   Alissa Norton - Freelance Video Producer      3/4/16

"Thank you again for our chat.  So much to think about, but with a different perspective than before my arrival."  
Gail      1/15/16

"Thanks for helping me get SO clear on my type....anyone would be so lucky to have you teach them. I love your work! You are an AMAZING Enneagram teacher with such a WEALTH of insight and experience."    Deb Durkee Blum www.inspire4life.com 1/2/16

"Your presentations are as professional and heart-centered as any I have seen online."    Deborah Houk     1/2/16

Thank you forsharingthrough your interview with Pace Smith. I just listened to it for the 2nd time.  I love your passion for sharing in a tangible way.  One of my favorite parts was within the explanation of the benefits of reaching for higher aspects of the arms and legs. Kylie shared "if I whine long enough someone will rescue me," and I chuckled in self-recognition.  I also love the BVD's tool, with your reminder to use it to "hang out with the 4 friends that uplift you." I especially enjoyed your reunion story (again) and how you personally illustrate how to use the high aspects of the 4 friends effectively; and the magical outcome.  I had forgotten about the humorous and helpful bathroom trick and appreciated the reminder to add it to my personal toolbox! I participated in the Enneagram course last year and continue using the tools I learned; I experienced a 90-degree shift in my life in less than a year.”  
Diane Floerchinger      8/24/15

“I'm so excited, I just had to share with you.  This class was life-changing for me in so many ways.  What a wonderful practice!  I'm looking forward to exploring all its nooks and crannies, in the true 5 that I am. This morning I noticed as I was reaching for my 6 energetically, I was reaching into the low side to get to the high side.  So I decided to apply my biofeedback system to clearing the energetics of that - so I could reach into the high side!  As I was running the Calm Child frequency, I set the intention that I was installing the high qualities of 6 for myself.  I claimed loyalty to myself, trust in myself, confidence in myself....  The results were amazing!  I feel happy!  Love it!”  Catherine Morgan 8/3/15

"The family gathering was outstanding. I attribute a lot of that to the Enneagram sessions with you and the group in the 3rd class!!  It helped me so much to see myself reacting, talk about it and make a choice to approach it differently.  That made all the difference in the world to me and everyone else.  Thank you!"  Carole Adams 8/1/15

 “I have to tell you that once I left your home yesterday, I felt this feeling of relief. . . No, not that the session was over!  But that I was a 4 and it just explained so much of my life. It also explains the push/pull that I've felt at various times in my life. My mother used to call me her independent/dependant daughter, there was the push/pull.  So much of my life has been spent on filling the gaps in my life. These are gaps like knowing how to do things or how to be successful at them, or earning a degree or more money. I have focused on my gaps by using the critical gaze of the 1 and I have been misdirected. It has allowed me to stay the course for far too long. I can still use the 1, but focus on the perfection, instead :) So, instead of beating my head against the wall in Higher Education, I will continue to pursue my rewarding (and fun) career in real estate.  I still can't get over the relief that I feel.”   Cindy Cabrales 7/9/15

"Great handouts!  I have spent a couple of hours with them this morning and have some deeper insights into myself as a result.  Carol Adams, Professional Facilitator - Life Coach - Mentor - Trainer      6/29/15

"Thank you so much for supporting me.  I feel like our meeting has already made a difference in me. You are one of my many blessings."  Gaye Bass 6/24/15

"I am using the Enneagram so much now. It has become a big part of my everyday life.  Thank you so very much for introducing it to me"  Madison Uptain (14 years old at the time of the course)      5/3/15

“I was lucky enough to see the introduction to this class (Empowered Living with the Enneagram) and the "map" and it blew me away!  In the short intro, the "map" gave me tools to actually USE the Enneagram in my life.  Over more than 20 years I've learned a lot about the different types, I know a lot of facts, and those facts have helped me to accept diversity in people.  But this new "map" approach molds those facts into a useful tool for my own personal growth and greater understanding, and will further help me in working with others on their growth path.  It's a win-win!!  Nancy Markow is alive and engaged (she's a "2"), very gentle and very knowledgeable about the Enneagram and how to take us to the next step.  She offers a unique and empowering way to learn the Enneagram system called Empowered Living with the Enneagram. It is a series of three in-depth learning sessions. Participation is limited to 4-6 students, encouraging an intimate, valuable & personal experience. Students not only learn the system but leave applying it to real-life situations. Classes begin by reviewing the systems history, symbolism and basics. Participants are then guided to realize their unique core expression and have an understanding of its supportive types. By way of shared personal reflections, a unique type map is explored and navigated. Drives for behaviors are exposed revealing ways to break self-sabotaging patterns.   
Carole Adams, Facilitator Training Course  The Tao of Listening www.the-tao-of-listening.com      4/7/15

“Thank you for encouraging me to take the plunge into a life that I love!”     Brian Dickinson      3/27/15

“Thank you for sharing your way of teaching (Enneagram). It was just what I needed!”   Kittie      3/22/15

“I enjoyed the class, you are an Enneagram Goddess.  I just used what I learned ...it's great!  I just want to say thank you for being on this planet and on this journey with me... I want to cry, oh shoot I am crying when I think about how much your passion for teaching the Enneagram has helped my life."  
Alicia Lochary, Sound Healing Goddess and Massage Wizard      3/12/15

“You did a supremely wonderful job of introducing our group to the Enneagram.  We discovered this pinnacle priceless tool for self-evolution, integration, unfoldment, and fulfillment of life for all.  Your masterful awareness and empowerment allowed for a deeper understanding and ability to be able to continue to learn and use it forever more. My deepest appreciation and love goes out to you for the humble, selfless, awe-inspiring, loving and exemplary being that you are.  Thanks so much, Nancy, you're amazing and You Rock!   Paul Glover,  www.BandOfLife.com     2/25/15

"I am going to be telling a lot of people about these classes (Enneagram)."  "I couldn't wait to let you know that I have realized huge realizations since I left your wonderful class today.  Some are about me directly; others about close friends and family. If more people realized how revealing your Enneagram class is and that it can be the key to the LOCK in their life, you'd have standing room only."   
Diane Floerchinger, www.holdingthedooropen.net    2/12/15

"Nancy, I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the classes (Enneagram)...AND how much I appreciate you being so prepared and ready for your students.  You are a great teacher, making things very clear for us to understand. Also, I appreciate you starting and stopping on time. Thank you."   
Barbara Overton       2/12/15

“Great classes (Enneagram), both my skeptical husband and I learned so very much, looking forward to taking more..."  Nancy Byrne, Author, Choices   http://www.choices-nlb.com    1/15/15

“Thank you for the (Enneagram) classes!  It really helped to open my eyes to some hidden parts of myself and helped me to understand and appreciate myself so much better going forward.”  Cheryl Roach, Entrepreneur  http://www.yourinspiredkitchen.com      1/5/15

“That was an awesome class on Saturday and I learned a lot about all types. It's (the Enneagram) truly an amazing system to understand personality, soul, and ego. I liked your unique style of teaching it and especially appreciated the positive focus.  I was taken aback when at the beginning of class (another student) said she liked her type.  I realized how I focused on the negative aspects of my type.  I saw my type as a curse.  By the time I left the class, 9's rocked!!!”  Mary 9/22/14

“This is a fabulous workshop (Empowered Living with the Enneagram) - you learn so much and can apply it immediately.  I highly recommend it.”  Kathleen 9/12/14

“I can't thank you enough for introducing it (Enneagram) to us!  It has opened up a whole new world for me.”   Jill 9/12/14

“ I can't thank you enough for this journey and the new road of wisdom about myself and others that I have chosen to follow.  I am so grateful for you and the path you are following to share this wisdom.  You are such a gift to this world and I am blessed and honored to know you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”   Valerie 9/15/14

“I want to thank you again for such an amazing class (Empowered Living with the Enneagram). I want to learn more.”   Sherry 8/4/14

“Thank you for doing what you do so well.  I really enjoyed the group, your calming voice and words and the better understanding of myself and others as conveyed through the Enneagram system.  I really see this as boosting my confidence.”   Diana 8/3/14

“I can't tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday (Enneagram I & II classes).  Thank you, your wonderful humor, compassion and passion made for a very fast day.”    Jamie  7/26/14 

“A very special thank you; for your love, compassion and giving in such an awesome and evolved type 2 way.”  Kathee 7/26/14

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for such a great class.  I'm really interested in the Enneagram for writing, but it's been a pleasure having it be so personally transformative as well.  I really appreciate all your time and your wonderful energy.  I appreciate YOU! ;)”  Eleanor Brown, Author.  7/13/14

“It (the Enneagram) has changed my life and all my relationships.” Mariya Preston, Mom    5/28/14

“The class (Empowered Living with the Enneagram) was amazingly insightful.”  Nancy W. 5/17/14

“You are a great teacher and I got a lot out of the last class.”  
Suzann 2/25/14

“I cannot tell you how much more peaceful I feel after yesterday. Just the breakthroughs I needed. Your nuanced sense of what was going on with a challenging relationship was incredibly positive and helpful.  And I am feeling even more encouraged about some other big decisions I am trying to discern. You have really helped me get perspective on all of it. Thank you so much. What a huge gift you have. Thank you for sharing it.”  Gaye 2/25/14

"Nancy, you are the best teacher ever, and the class is as fun as it is informative. It was LIFE CHANGING information for me. Thank you.”    Diane F. 1/31/14

"David told me to use what I learned in your Divining class to pick a slot machine, and I won!  LOL"    Cathy Conrad 1/23/14

"Yesterday’s talk and healing session left me feeling calmer and be able to continue moving forward.  We will re-connect again."  Julianne     1/12/14

"Thanks so much for the wonderful yoga class this morning! Really makes my Sundays go fabulously, and helps me be more centered and happy through the whole week."  
Susie 1/12/14

"You are an extraordinary mentor. I hope to emulate your example in my own business."  Deb 9/9/13

"Nancy is a wonderful presenter!"  Barbara 9/8/13

"Monday night was magical!! The Mystical Traveling Sisters loved you and the beautiful wisdom that you shared.  A great big thank you from my heart and the Mystical Sisters Hearts!  Hopefully, it works out that you can come back and share more of your wisdom."    Paige 8/26/13

"Always enlightening"    Eric 8/20/13

"Thank you for an enlightening experience, I intend to share it"  
Sera 8/20/13

"As always, your presence is sooo good"  Karin C 8/20/13

"Thanks so much for your talk at P.E.O., everyone I spoke with really enjoyed it."  Colleen 8/13/13

"Thank-you for the class. I am using the information in relation to everything else I am learning, and it helps clarify the big picture."  Deborah       4/3/13

"I think it was wonderful for you to speak with Carol.  She was so relieved when I saw her at work later in the day.  She was in awe you, as I knew she would be.  You are such a powerful influence and positive person, and a wonderful friend.  She will be getting in touch with you soon, I am betting. Your growth over the years has been a beautiful transformation to witness (your lessons resonate for days, my being yearns to emulate.)"  Janet 1/30/13

"I wanted to let you know how good I felt Tues.  It was like a load came off my shoulders and I had lots of energy. I just might have to do that every week."    Colleen 11/3/12

"Thank you sooooo much for today!  You have such positive energy and I really needed a huge dose of that in my life right now."  You opened the door to an entirely new way of thinking and looking at life.  I appreciate that.  You truly have a gift."  
Nancy B.       11/3/12

"I really connected with your "style" of checking in with my Chakras while we were talking. I am excited about utilizing the tools you recommended and appreciate the authentic place you come from and deliver the message in a down to earth way." "Your session felt very similar in nature to an Intuitive Counselor I went to for about a year. She didn't have the added bonus of the Chakra work but it was a space that I could go to and have a conversation about things with a neutral party that was invested in my highest purpose, well-being, and success.  She would often help me see myself and situations in a different light so that I could approach them in a different way - just like our conversation last night did for me on several points."  Gretchen 10/13/12

"I so enjoyed my session with you.  I can't tell you the shifts that happened even physically from our session.  Even those imperfect words with the perfect meaning behind them move energy!  There were so many things I excitedly came away with for myself, for my family, for my work, for life...and understanding how to accept my critical eye/perfectionism, love and accept it and not turn it against myself.  I wish I could share with you how many places your session positively impacted my last two days! :)  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Also, thank you for these interesting places to dive deeper.  I loved the beginning of our session as well.  I'm so grateful for our time together and look forward to taking your class."    Kelly    8/5/12

"Thanks for helping me with my six-ness (not sickness).  I am seeing where "trying" to control what I am afraid of has played a huge part in my life.  I am ready to meet my fear of not having enough money head on, once more - this time in a different way. Not to conquer it with force but to say, I have simply outgrown it - like a kid who outgrows a pacifier." Fran Menley    5/12/12

"THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!     THANK YOU!!!  Specifically to you, but also to God and my whole universe!    YIPPEE!!! "    Lisha    10/11/11

"Just wanted to say thank you for the time you've spent with me teaching me new life skills and helping me create a new future.  I greatly appreciate you and am so thankful our paths crossed! Can't wait to continue the journey...."  Jennifer    6/3/11

Nancy! I just wanted to say how nice it was to have met you last week. I really enjoyed the reading and visiting with you. Thanks for your advice and guidance. You really helped me tremendously. Hope to see you again. Take care and have a great day!  Alicia     7/3/11

"Thanks for your help; this whole process would have been much more difficult without you.”  Craig Johnson     3/3/09

"Nancy is a gift and has a gift - she helps me cut through my mental static and listen to the voices that are inside of me. And when I am stuck, she'll help discern what is going on inter-dimensionally and acts like a guide to where my Truth resides. You know the saying - we are spiritual beings having a human experience? She helps me understand what is going on with my spiritual self while saying it in a way my human self gets."  
Kelly Hobbs     3/3/09

"I regularly refer clients to Nancy because I can trust her psychic, healing, and counseling abilities.  She has done her own inner work and continues to do so--it shows!  She easily and accurately reads a person's energy field/chakras and helps them understand what's going on in their lives.  And the great thing is that Nancy is well versed in how to shift problematic energy by using a variety of techniques she has learned in the classes and programs she has taken.  I highly recommend her if you are seeking insights, healing, and positive change.   Warm regards."  Karen Fox, Aspen Program     2/9/09

I have known Nancy for over twenty-seven years and can attest to her remarkably positive spirit and willingness to help break through the niggling emotional and psychological problems that face us day to day.  She's a dear friend and a wonderful person.  If you find her in your midst you can be blessed by her presence.  Nancy's friend for life.”  
Ned Netterville     12/11/09

"I met Nancy shortly after moving to Colorado 13 years ago. Though we have never worked together our paths have crossed enough times that I recognize and appreciate Nancy's passion for spiritual growth and empowerment. I see her as someone with high integrity and a desire for positive, uplifting action in all areas of her life. She's one of those people who make me smile when I hear her name."  Ashi, Grace your Space Productions      12/11/09

"Nancy,  You could have blown me over with a feather!  I’dseenyou work in your groups, and you said you did ‘heart readings,’ but I ‘thought’ it was all head stuff… I couldn’t pick up anything more.  So when you started reading me, and doing a major healing at the same time, and I COULD FEEL it -- well, like I said, you could have blown me over with a feather!!!!     You are totally impressive, lady!”   Lisha 10/6/09

The following are comments, shared from the students I taught as a staff member at the Aspen Program for clairvoyant development. 

“I really enjoyed your Chakra I & II class yesterday. I was amazed that you do so much parallel to what my sister Susan and I do, but have approached it from another method completely. It was particularly interesting that you are using chakra and energies to do readings and balancing. It was a new twist for me.”

"Thanks for the class. I keep feeling better and better!"

"I thought your style was easy and helpful"

" I appreciated how you let people explore their thoughts"


"Fabulous information - loved the extra's"

"Instructor was fabulous"

"Everything was great"  

"I really enjoyed the class and your spirit and openness."

"Your passion shows!"

"Nancy makes things easy to understand, she is very thorough."

"Nancy is a beautiful light!"

"Informative teacher."   

“Your class was soooo much fun with all of us varying personalities.”

 “The information is very valuable – Nancy’s energy is wonderful. Loved the handouts.”

"Lots of information & great energy.”

“Great scientific study."

"Great enthusiasm and intoxicating energy.”

"Made me go deeper into myself – learned ways to help other too”

"The discussions really helped me to understand”

"Loved the stories" 

"Thank you so much for your class on the intro to enneagram. The class was very informative with valuable insights into the many aspects of our own makeup and character...all very interesting and helpful. But more than that I felt your spirit and love for the material and this path of life.  This class was a very wonderful experience. I look forward to learning and experiencing more in this field, and perhaps our paths will cross again. Thanks again."

"You were great and you are a natural."

"I found your beginner class to be really fascinating! I learned so much, I still have conversations with people. And I understand my husband a little better now. I'm seeing my ego in everything I do, and was so glad to hear you say that we don't have to kill it, just ask it to move out of the way. That's exactly how I think too! Thanks again for your wonderful class. I will look forward to the next." 

"Insightful, enlightening – loved the presentation”

"Nancy is a great teacher - she includes historical and scientific backgrounds when describing in depth the subject matter."

"Very professional"

"You rock Nancy - such a wonderful, encouraging teacher" 

"Nancy, you were great, as always.  You are an excellent teacher. Thank you"

"Excellent explanations and enthusiasm." 

"Informative and fun." 


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