Group Experiences - Which one is right for you?

Intentional Living

Intentional Living

Intentional Living


Weekly events and offerings that support self-awareness, personal growth, community, and purpose.  

The offerings include a variety of diverse topics, approaches, and even presenters.  They range from social, interactive, entertaining and creative, to meditative, spiritual and often transformational.  

Most offerings are in East Morrison or the surrounding area.  All are supported by your generous donations. 

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Empowering Yoga

Intentional Living

Intentional Living


Yoga offers a physical, mental, emotional and energetic experience.  

Yoga can be explored and experienced with many approaches.  

Yoga can be relaxing and restorative or a cardio strength-building workout. 

I offer you an all-level teaching style, meaning I guide you with options that support you in honoring your body!   

This empowering approach encourages you to develop neuro-pathways between your mind, heart, and body - your three centers of intelligence. 

I offer some classes in my East Morrison home supported by your donations and other classes at local gyms and yoga studios. 

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Mini-Retreat - Experiential Meditations

Mini-Retreat - Experiential Meditations


The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual teaching.  When it is combined with modern science,  a typology emerges.  

I would be honored to share this study of personality with you.  It supports an understanding of why you do what you do, why others do what they do and most importantly how to grow-up immature tendencies. 

Enneagram teaches how to be your best self in all the roles you have...a better person, partner, parent, friend, family member, and co-worker.  

It offers a pathway for compassion.

The Empowered Living Course explores in-depth aspects of wisdom with interactive experiences.  It is a 6-week course with each session being 3-hrs.

  • Week 1 - Introductions-What is the Enneagram and its Symbol?
  • Week 2 - Evolving Wisdom - Enneagram of Personalities 
  • Week 3 - 9-Types - What is yours?
  • Week 4 - Building Blocks of the system
  • Week 5 - Using the Enneagram for Personal Growth
  • Week 6 - Choices Map

Each session is supported by the Empowered Living workbook.  The workbook is also available for those not taking the course - the workbook is $15. 

This course is now being offered through zoom. 

The fee is a very reasonable $150 upfront or $30 per session.

The Enneagram takes time to learn and supportive Enneagram discussions are also offered in person or private sessions.  
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Mini-Retreat - Experiential Meditations

Mini-Retreat - Experiential Meditations

Mini-Retreat - Experiential Meditations


Melissa Kennedy joins me to offer you a 3-hour rejuvenating meditative experience. 

You will be pampered with restorative yoga, guided in empowering intentionally focused energetic meditations, and bathed with the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, Reiki, and healing touch.  

Each experience is slightly different to meed the needs of those who attend.  

Small group of up to 6.  

Committed reservations required.

$45.00 Fee - pay in advance

(Scholarships available for those in need - this event can be used to get you back into alignment with purpose, passion, and abundance). 

Learn Enneagram and Empowered Ways of Being

Empowered Living Workbook


I created this workbook to support the Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course.  

I offer this workbook as a self-learning tool too. 

The workbook guides you into a journey of self-exploration. It includes exercises to evoke self-awareness that allows self-realization.  $15 plus shipping. 

Reach out via the contact me feature to purchase this amazing and unique workbook or to sign up for the Empowered Living Course


Social EVents - Just for the fun of it!


Friday Morning Hikes

Enjoy connecting with others while exercising your body.  Different hikes each week, possible snowshoeing when the weather is right.  Sign up at the meetup link

Connect, Chat and Create

Would you benefit from a creative outlet?  No established talent required.  Meet at Hot Pots in downtown Littleton, pay your fees and pick your piece.  Enjoy creating with others.  Sign up at the Meetup link. 

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Special Events

Be sure to log-into the Meetup to learn about special events like drum circles, energy healing, couples workshops and more. 

One-On-One Sessions

One-on-one teaching session.  Share inquiries and learn how to expose your own innate wisdom.  

Deepen your understanding of choices, empowerment tools, Enneagram, Law of Attraction and more.  

$60 per hour - schedule an in-person, video chat or phone call via the contact me option at the top of this page.   

Intuitive Energy Session.  We are all made of energy and energy is malleable.  

Your chakra's share important information on how you are navigating your physical, emotional and etheric journeys.  Your aura, when intentionally aligned with your highest way of being, can provide a safety bubble to help you navigate.  

This session explores what your energy body is sharing about you in general or about a specific question.  Supportive tools and intuitive insights are shared.

$60 per hour - preferred in person. Video or phone sessions possible. Use the contact me feature to schedule. 

What Does the Media Share about the Enneagrm?

Business Week  "You've never heard of the Enneagram? This system of personality analysis, once faddish pop psychology, is becoming a personnel tool for corporate America."  
Esquire  "What sets the Enneagram apart is that it contains such detailed, useful information about what drives us to behave as we do. It's valuable not just for those seeking to understand themselves but also as a source of insights into one's friends, colleagues, and even enemies."  
Newsweek  "Now after lurking on the fringes of mysticism and pop psychology for more than 20 years, the Enneagram is turning mainstream and respectable. Last year the Stanford University School of Business course called "Personality, Self-Awareness, and Leadership" focused on the Enneagram for the first time; the class proved so popular that it will be expanded from 40 to 50 students next winter. The CIA now uses the Enneagram to help agents understand the behavior of individual world leaders. The U.S. Postal Service recently turned to the Enneagram to help employees resolve conflicts. Clergy from the Vatican signed up for an Enneagram seminar last year. And the First international Enneagram Conference, with 1,400 participants who came to Palo Alto, Calif., from as far away as Japan, was cosponsored by Stanford Medical School's department of psychiatry."  
Working Woman   "A hot new management idea has just arrived on the scene, Introduced to the West around 1940 by Russian mystic G.I Gurdjieff, the Enneagram is a personality typing system that groups people into 9 categories. Executives from companies such as Motorola and Marriot have attended workshops devoted to the Enneagram system, and it’s part of the continuing education program at Silicon Graphics. The CIA has even held Enneagram briefings on the behavior of world leaders."  
Yoga Journal  "The apparent universality of the Enneagram is a big part of its attraction. People use it to improve themselves and their relationships. Many psychologists and marriage counselors swear by it. Members of the clergy and business managers use it to understand their congregations and subordinates. It is even accepted by academics." - Contra Costa Times "As a guide to human character, behavior, and motivation, it has no equal. More practical than typologies derived from conventional psychology, the Enneagram provides a clear and easily recognizable map of nine distinct personality patterns. For most people, it simply rings true."